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My Best Guy friend and i talking

Him:Hey Barbara when we have our children,
Him:Yes, when we have our children, I want you to tell them how we met.
Me:-.- so if we ever become boyfriend and girlfriend and-
Me:um calm down big boy, anyway, if we get married and have children you want me to tell them that we met, In summer school, and that we didn't even talk, then a couple of weeks later I was getting out of my car to go inside my house and you were on your bike and that you didn't see me coming and ran me over with your bike? and that's how we met.
Him:uh, yes...
Me:Im not telling our children that *gets up and leaves room*
Me:*Laughs and keeps walking.*


Once, I told my best friend that I was going to namely children Luke and Stacey..she didn’t say anything but, “ok…cool.”

I turned around and told my other best friend. He got really excited, and jumped up and yelled, “Luke, I am your father.” And sang Stacey’s Mom every time he saw me for two weeks after that…

There are two types of people…

oh my goodness…. God bless you… that is the most brilliant thing ever


I just want a guy best friend who I can secretly have feelings for and kiss his cheek and we can be together forever and tell each other everything and get married when we grow up and live a long happy life together

I want a relationship like booth and bones <3 

(sorry my rant is now over:3)

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